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Weed Mats

Weed Control Mats/Thermal Control Mats

The material is called Polyester Spunbond Non-Woven fabric and is widely used in weed control, temperature control and light control as greenhouse curtain, landscaping mats and planting bed thermal cover. It's distinguishing character is air/water permeability.

There are several sizes and colours to choose from stock.

Weights and Sizes Colours
30g/m2, 1.8m x 50m Black
30g/m2, 1.8m x 100m Black
25g/m2 0.9m x 100 White
25g/m2, 1.8m x 100m White
20g/m2, 3.2m x 100m White
50g/m2, 3.2m x 100m White