Lyndaust birdnetting is one of the first brand introduced to vineyards in Australia and it’s rigid woven structure and unique packaging has won the very best reputation in the industry.

The standard net is fabricated from 4-ply polyester yarns, 33g/m2 and Ciba UV stabilized guaranteeing many years of use. The nets are uniquely packed in rolls with a 50mm PVC core designed for directly loading onto Spreading Machines, and with centre and border colour coded lines.

Standard Net Sizes (Recommended for repeat seasonal use)

SIZES 32g/m2, White
10m x 300m Hexagon
18m x 200m Hexagon
20m x 200m Hexagon
24m x 200m Hexagon

100mm x 100mm Mesh, White
20m x 250m / roll